Should Golfers Take Sports Nutrition Supplements?

Should golfers take dietary supplements to enhance their performance on and off the course? Absolutely! Golf is a sport and requires athletic ability so it should be treated that way if you want to perform to the best of your ability. The purpose of sports nutrition supplements is to enhance performance and recovery. They support any and all exercise styles and sporting events. A typical question I get is “Will creatine make me huge?” and my answer to that is always “well what kind of workouts are you doing?” If your training like a bodybuilder creatine will support that training habit just as if you are training for golf ability it will support that as well. This does not mean you have to take creatine as I am simply using it as an example. Of course supplements are not miracle pills or powders and they do not by any means replace a good quality diet or exercise routine. They are however great additions to a well built fitness foundation. Here are five types of supplements I recommend for any and all golfers looking to improve their game.

1. Athlete Multi-Vitamin – one a day vitamins do not get the job done. When you workout you sweat vital minerals and oxidize valuable vitamins and amino acids. A vitamin packet or one that recommends 3-6 capsules daily is a much better option.
2. Whey Protein Isolate – This form of whey protein is great as it is very very low lactose, has high amounts of branch chain amino acids, and is 90% protein by weight. An easily digestible protein like this will give you the amino acids you need without bloat or stomach pains.
3. Branch Chain Amino Acids – These are the building blocks of muscle. People always ask me “Don’t you find these in protein?” and the answer is yes but free form branch chain amino acids are readily available for your body to utilize where protein powder has many other amino acids that are bonded together which requires digestion to breakdown. Branch chain Amino Acids can be used during a round to ensure your muscles last all the way through!
4. Joint support formula – I don’t care if you have an injury or not you should be preventing pain rather than fixing pain. A good joint support formula including glucosamine as well as a less well known ingredient cissus quadrangularis can help keep the joints lubricated and pain free.
5. Omega fatty acids – Want clarity and focus on the golf course? Here you go! Omega’s (especially omega 3′s) have been shown to improve concentration levels as well as a ton of other health benefits. Most of us do not eat the amount of fish or seaweed necessary to get these omega’s in full so we must rely on supplements for our daily omega intake.

There you have it! Five supplements that can help your game tremendously. If you have any questions feel free to send me an email and I will help you out the best I can!